Planting New Grass in Massachusetts & 6 Steps to Success

Aug 14, 2018 | What's New

Planting Grass In Massachusetts


Is your lawn full of weeds and crabgrass as far as the eye can see? Are the endless dust storms
from cutting your “Grass” getting old??

We are entering one of the
best growing seasons for new lawn seeding. Early September is the best time of year for grass
seed planting in Massachusetts. Langone Brothers landscaping will go over the different types of
grass seed, how to plant it for optimum results, and our 6 steps to Success!


What type of grass seed grows best in Mass?

Langone Bros recommends three types of grass seed that are commonly planted in Mass lawns. They are the most popular because they grow the best. Keep in mind, the rate of growth can vary depending on the temperature, and the germination periods we provide are our best estimations. Due to unpredictable New England weather, germinations times can vary dramatically.

Kentucky bluegrass:

This grass seed will germinate within 14 to 21 days, but can take longer. It is a high-quality turf grass that makes a fine textured lawn. Kentucky bluegrass grows well in full sun, but you can still use it in shady areas if you mix in some fine fescue. Kentucky bluegrass has a fine to medium leaf texture and a dark green color. Its tendency to spread by the formation of rhizomes (underground stems) allows for good sod-forming characteristics. Tolerance is high for cold and wear, and moderate for heat and drought.

Fine Fescue:

This grass seed is much faster than Kentucky bluegrass, germinating within 5 to 7 days. It grows well in shaded areas, which is why it’s commonly used in seed blends, but is perfectly fine to plant alone.

Perennial Ryegrass:

This super speedy grass seed will germinate within 4 to 7 days, making it another great option to mix in with the much slower Kentucky bluegrass. Mixing Perennial ryegrass with Kentucky blue grass is a good idea to ensure soil erosion control. When you are waiting 14-21 days for seed to germinate, it can increase your chances of washout and erosion from the harsh New England weather.

When is the best time of year to plant grass seed?

Short and Sweet – Early Spring & Late summer – To give your new grass the best chance of growing, grass seed must be planted at a time that encourages germination and allows for the roots to take hold before the first frost. When the soil temperatures fall somewhere between 50 and 65 degrees, this temperature range is optimum to support strong seed growth and germination


6 Steps – How to establish Green Grass in Massachusetts


Langone Bros 6 steps to success!

Step 1: Remove the old turf.

Removing all of the existing weeds and grass is crucial part to installing a new lawn. Be sure not to leave behind any crabgrass or existing weeds. There are spots that heavy equipment may not be able to reach. Take the time and hand shovel the areas we are unable to reach.
We use caterpillar’s state of the art equipment – skid steers/bobcats on all of our lawn installations.

Step 2: Fix Grade Problems
We train our staff to be aware of slopes and grades. You want to ensure you are aware of potential rain water issues. Poor grading that is not sloped away from a home or building can create serious issues in cellars or basements from runoff rainwater. Take the time to properly grade.

Step 3: Add Quality loam
Quality loam is one of the most important aspects to ensuring the best results in your new lawn. Langone Bros uses ½ screened Compost loam from local farms in our area.
Don’t get stuck with cheap contractor loam. Ask questions about the quality of loam and the supplier.

Step 4: Rake the soil smooth
We proved our staff with the best equipment possible. We use hydraulic power rakes that attach to the front of our bobcats. After spreading all the loam in a yard, we power rake the entire yard to ensure a consistent smooth grade. When we are satisfied with the results, We call for our Hydro seeding truck to spray the freshly raked loam immediately.

Step 5: Use quality seed, Hydro seed for best results
Langone Brothers has invested in a top of the line Hydro seeding Truck specially ordered from Hydrograss Corporation/ FinnCorporation out of Pittsfield, ME./
When it comes to spraying the right products, it is important to know what type of seed is being applied and what type of hydro seed mulch you are receiving in the mixture. (Read below for more details)
We only use the best quality grass seed the industry offers us. Our Grass seed come from local top supplier (Lesco/John Deere).

Step 6: Water daily & Our Hydro seed information brochure
Watering is a very import part to obtaining a green flush lawn. We recommend watering 1-3 times a day depending on weather conditions.

  • Spring normally calls for 1-2 times a day.
  • Late spring/Early summer can call for 2-3 times a day days of heat
  • Late summer/Early fall normally calls for 1-2 times a day until the grass is established. We provide all of our customers with a hydro seed information brochure. It goes into depth about proper care after we leave, important watering information, when to first apply fertilizer and mowing instructions for the beginning stages of a new lawn.

The Difference in hydro seed Mulch

Basic paper Mulch
A more affordable option
Paper mulch a good option for flat area and provides good erosion control for new lawns. This mulch is 100% paper and is normally a recycled paper product. Hydro seeding mulch is manufactured from a range of products it contains chopped up newspaper and a dye. It is an excellent and affordable product.

Wood Mulch 
Wood mulch is a professional grade Product. Wood mulch ensures the erosion on slopes and flat surfaces is minimal. Wood mulch is mostly shopped up shreds of wood that last much longer than paper mulch. Wood mulch protects the seed, maintains moisture to promote fast germination and helps hold the seed and soil in place.

New Lawn Installation provider in Wilmington Massachusetts and surrounding towns
Langone Bros Landscaping is located in Wilmington Massachusetts. We service Andover MA, Billerica Ma, Burlington Ma, Chelmsford Ma, North Andover Ma, North Reading MA, Reading Ma, Tewksbury Ma, Wilmington Ma, Woburn Ma, Stoneham Ma.   Our company offers New Lawn Installations and hydro seeding services. The late summer lawn install season is almost here, don’t miss out on this opportunity to plant grass seed and give your lawn the best chance possible to be thick and green comes next spring. Feel free to call us at 978 858 2244 or connect with us on social media!